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Chocolate ChipThe Community’s Cup signature cookie (the one that started it all) is our chocolate chip cookie. This cookie is huge and loaded with semi sweet chocolate chips. What else can we say...take one bite and you will know why it’s our signature cookie

Oreo Stuffed Chip: This cookie is 2 cookies in one!  We have taken our original chocolate chip cookie and stuffed it with one of the world’s most famous cookies, the Oreo. Topped with a mini Oreo for extra fun!

M&M Chip: Do we really need a description? This chocolate chip cookie is loaded with  original chocolate M&M’s. These will melt in your mouth...and maybe your hands too.

Red Velvet:  Fall is here and the holidays will be here soon.  This vanilla cookie has a touch of chocolate and loaded with white chocolate chips.  Finished off with a white chocolate drizzle.

Funfetti Sprinkle: So simple and so good.  Our vanilla sugar cookie is buttery soft and loaded with rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips.



Special orders available upon request


Please note:   We do bake with eggs, nuts and dairy products and our special ingredient...  Extra love mixed into every batch we bake💕