Got Cookies?


-Chocolate ChipThe Community’s Cup signature cookie (the one that started it all) is our chocolate chip cookie. This cookie is huge and loaded with semi sweet chocolate chips. What else can we say...take one bite and you will know why it’s our signature cookie!

-Oreo Stuffed Chip: This cookie is 2 cookies in one!  We have taken our original chocolate chip cookie and stuffed it with one of the world’s most famous cookies, the Oreo. Topped with a mini Oreo for extra fun!

-M&M Chip: Do we really need a description? This chocolate chip cookie is loaded with  original chocolate M&M’s. These will melt in your mouth...and maybe your hands too.

-S’mores Chip: No campfire needed!  Take a bite of our s’mores cookie and you will want some more!  A perfect combination of chocolate, melty marshmallow and graham crackers baked with a little love.  Topped with a teddy graham to bring you back to your childhood.

-Cake Batter: So simple and so good.  Our vanilla sugar cookie is buttery soft and loaded with rainbow sprinkles (or we can customize the sprinkles to your liking).

-White Chocolate Chip Funfetti: We have taken our signature chocolate chip cookie and switched out the chocolate chips for white chocolate chips.  To the batter we have added funfetti sprinkles and crushed golden Oreos and topped with a mini golden Oreo.

-White Chocolate Snickerdoodle: This classic cinnamon sugar cookie is extra special because we added lots of  white chocolate chips to it.  Fun fact...white chocolate is technically not chocolate and has no caffeine in it.

-Cookie Monster:  Our cake batter cookie loaded with white chocolate chips and stuffed with our signature chocolate chip cookie.  

As we grow and learn we plan to add gluten free items to our menu

Please note:  We do not use any nuts in our products.  We do bake with eggs and dairy products and of course our special ingredient?  Extra love mixed into every batch we bake.

Please check back here or on our Facebook page regularly for seasonal items added to our menu. We are currently taking orders via our facebook page.  All cookies are $30 per dozen with a $10 delivery fee to the local Hatboro Horsham area. Shipping and handling charges start at $15 per dozen for anything outside of our delivery area.