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The Community’s Cup is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that provides a platform of opportunity and inspiration to individuals of all abilities.  Our dream is to change the world for those who should not have to change for the world💕  

 Our Mission:

The Community’s Cup strives to provide a platform to individuals in the special needs community, as well as their parents/guardians to identify their wants and needs and aspire to dream bigger. We will provide training and skills to allow people with physical, intellectual and mental disabilities to acquire the skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment.

Our organization will help address the current reality of underemployment for adults of all abilities. Profits earned from our organization will be used to provide additional mentoring support, training programs, community service projects and social opportunities to create an inclusive environment in our community.

Our goal is to eliminate the stereotypes associated with disabilities, provide gainful employment and integrate the special needs population with their local community.