Our Story

Who are we?  The Community’s Cup is a group of individuals with a dream to change the world for those who should not have to change for the world. We are moms, dads, siblings, teachers and friends who love someone who can light up a room with their abilities, but are often judged by their disabilities.  We are people who have seen that there is a lack of opportunities for those that may not “fit the norm”.  

The vision for The Community’s Cup became a reality when we decided to stop waiting for the world to create these opportunities for our loved ones and started making these opportunities for the world.  Three transition aged students along with their parents and teachers decided to work toward opening a coffee shop that teaches more than just coffee recipes. Hanna, Jennifer and Melanie began the journey by creating a Facebook page to share their mission and progress.  Countless recipes were tried and sampled by the community to create a cookie menu. Fundraisers were planned. Farmer’s Markets and vendor events were attended to tell the community who we are. Our business grew and so did our community.

The Community’s Cup is an online cookie shop.  Each order is baked fresh for you with our special ingredient...a little extra love 💕.  Our cookies makes great birthday gifts, care packages for your favorite student, party favors, corporate/customer appreciation gifts or just a special treat for yourself.

As a non-profit we will be reinvesting our proceeds back into the business to help provide life skills classes, social opportunities, job training and mentoring, support groups and community service projects.  The Cup will be a place where all are welcomed to gather in a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment. We look forward to seeing you there!